Born in Helsinki (FI), lives and works in Brussels (BE)



Aperture, Pierre Clemens & Elina Salminen, Gallery Nadine Feront, Brussels, BE

Chromatic, MAAC - Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux, Brussels, BE (solo), cat.


Brussels Gallery Weekend - Generation Brussels, Vanderborght building, cur. Louis-Philippe Van Eeckhoute and Clémence Bellisson

Molière project 5th edition, Lycée Molière, Brussels, BE

From Inside, V2Vingt, Brussels, BE

Less or more, Plagiarama, Galerie Rivoli. Brussels, BE, cur. Yuna Mathieu-Chovet

Maailman sinisin taivas, Embassy of Finland, Brussels, BE (solo)

13 x 18, Cdlt+, Liège, BE


Unexpected, Cdlt+, Liège, BE (solo)

Identity, K41, Brussels, BE

Prix Georges Collignon 2017, Musée d'Ansembourg, Liège, BE

Pop-up exhibition Museum Dhont-Dhaenens, Deurle, BE, cat.

FULL HOUSE, Moonens Foundation Studio 4 & Project space, Brussels, BE

Ornements divers. Duo exhibition with Daniel Wagener, Moonens Foundation Project space, Brussels, BE


Bleuités, délires, Macors, Hamois, BE (solo)

, silences , SECONDroom, Gent, BE (solo), cur. Florian Kiniques

Radieuse, 7, quai du Commerce, Brussels, BE, cur. Emmanuel Lambion

Working title festival : Waiting for the secret, Halles St. Géry, Brussels, BE, cur. Marnix Rummens

KoMASK Painting Master Salon, Académie Royale d'Anvers, BE, cat.

KoMASK Painting Master Salon, The Vanderborght Building, Brussels, BE

Tradition does graduate, Royal academy of fine arts of Brussels, BE

Island presents, LaVallée, Brussels, BE, cur. Sébastien Bonin and Brice Guilbert

Médiatine 2016, Brussels, BE, cat.

NOW.HERE, ARBA-ESA painting masterclass exhibition, LaVallée, Brussels, BE

Full of emptiness, Plagiarama, Brussels, BE, cur. Yuna Mathieu-Chauvet

Apparitions, 49 avenue du Roi, Brussels, BE

LumièreMatière, Dam Gallery, Brussels, BE, cur. Laura Viale and Stijn Cole


Exhibition of the laureats of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, Dam Gallery, BE

Enclaves / oasis, Centre culturel Omar Khayam, Brussels, BE

Chemins de traverse, Librairie Par chemins, Brussels, BE

Terra mentis #2, Chapelle de la Trinité, Concarneau, FR

Terra mentis #1, éléments de langage, Brussels, BE

Triptic, Dam Gallery, Brussels, BE

White cube ?, workshop of Emilio Lopez Menchero, Dam Gallery, Brussels, BE

Retraits, éléments de langage, Brussels, BE (solo)

Awards & grants


FWBi scolarship & residency in Comacina island, IT


Cocof scolarship & residency at MAAC (Maison d'Art Actuel de Chartreux), Brussels, BE


Nominated for Prix Georges Collignon, Liège, BE


Horlait-Dapsens Foundations scolarship, Brussels, BE

Prix d'excellence de la Ville de Bruxelles, BE

Prix de la Ville de Bruxelles, BE

Prix Espronceda, special mention, BE, ES

Prix Moonens, The Moonens Foundation, Brussels, BE

Médiatine '16 - Prix Macors, Brussels, BE


Prix Canal05, ARBA-ESA, Brussels, BE

Visual arts education

2011-2016 M.A. in Visual Arts, Académie Royale des Beaux-arts de Bruxelles, BE

Literary education

1998-2003 M.A. in French literature / 20th century poetry, Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle University, FR


2019 Comacina, IT (FWBi scolarship)

2018 MAAC -Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux, Brussels, BE (Cocof scolarship)

2016-17 Moonens Foundation, Brussels, BE

2016 Macors, Hamois, BE

Printed & published

Paintings, MAAC, 2019 / catalog

"Chimères perceptuelles", L'Art même, no 75, 2018, text by Sandra Caltagirone

En surface, paintings published with poems of Christine Guinard, 2017, éléments de langage, BE

Cul-de-lampe et ornements divers, 2017, a risograph made with Daniel Wagener at Chez Rosi, BE

Museum Dhont-Dhaenens Pop-up exhibition, 2017, BE / catalog

Prix Médiatine, 2016, BE / catalog

Komask - Painting Master Salon, 2016 / catalog